What’s the Worst Job at Disney?

What’s the Worst Job at Disney?

I often ask groups I teach seminars to this question: “If you could have any job at Disney, what would it be?” Greeters, parade performers, and imagineers often come to the top of the list.

A more interesting question might be: “If there was one job you wouldn’t want at Disney, what would it be?” I suppose my short list might include:

  • Tinker Bell during the fireworks–I’m afraid of heights, plus I look pretty silly with wings.
  • Restroom Custodial Host–Being on the front end of a very messy job
  • Waste Water Specialist–Being on the back end of the same messy job

But of all of them, here’s one that amazes me–Parking Lot Host/Hostess. My hat is off to anyone who has to work a parking lot during the summer. It’s nearly 100 degrees every day and 100% humidity. Black asphalt beaming back at you all the time. Dealing with tired, even irate customers trying to get back to their car, while trying to make sure everyone is safe while aboard a tram.

And then there’s the daily thunderstorm–Once, twice, even three times during the day. Or simply just a rainy, yucky day where it doesn’t stop.

That’s why I was glad to see this when I was at Epcot the other day. It’s a little thing, but a little thing that makes the job for these hard working Cast Members easier.

It’s a little gesture by management to make the job easier on those assigned to work the parking lot tram. The sign designates the last row for of the tram for the Cast Members who have to sit it out in the rain. That way they don’t have to stand drenched in the rain. It’s simply a way to make having to work in rainy weather a little easier for the Cast Members.

It’s funny, I’ve never seen it before. It seems like an obvious idea. I’m sure it makes their job easier. And the message is clear. If you want engaged employees you have to do the little things that supports making their job easier. And I certainly would want an engaged employee caring for me and my family on that journey to and from the parking lot.

So here’s the question? What would be the worst job for you at Disney? And what would it take to help make the job easier?