A Name Tag For A Job Well Done

For many years, there has been a major Cast Member recognition program entitled Partners in Excellence. For the 2% of the total Cast Member population who received that honor, they were given a small statue similar in size to the one found in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle and Cinderella Castle at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom.  They were also given a small pin to place on their name tag.

There is a new program called Disney Legacy, and it replaces the old Partners in Excellence. More to come later on this new program, and how well it’s being received by Disney Cast Members. But the new recipients receive not just a pin, but an entirely new name tag to wear.  It’s based on the Cast Member’s ability to dream, create, and inspire.

Look for these pins to start showing up around property, and make sure you congratulate the cast member for the hard work they do.