Creating Magic For Your Customers

Creating Magic For Your Customers

One of the things that makes Disney special is that they create magic in the form of Magical Moments and Take 5’s for their Guests. Let me share an example of what that looks like.

Our son struggles with autism, but that doesn’t stop him from loving Bailey from Finding Dory. When we are over at the Disney Parks, he lines up not just Bailey, but all of the plush animals from Finding Dory on the shelf. He then takes a photo of the lineup as a way of saying, “I’d really like to have this for Christmas.”

Creating Magic
Notice how they’re holding hands–or fins–or tentacles.

He does this repeatedly whenever we’re in the parks. The other day he was at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and lined up the Finding Dory gang on the shelves at Mickey’s of Hollywood. A couple of Cast Members observed this little activity going on, and began to engage my son, realizing his unique qualities. They asked him which character he enjoyed the most. “Billy” was the response (He thinks Bailey’s name is Billy).

They responded by giving him a plush Bailey. Our son was elated. He jumped up and down and was over the moon. He realized he could take Bailey home that day, instead of of waiting for Christmas. Magic was made that day with our son, simply by offering him a toy plush.

Creating Magic
Mickey of Hollywood Cast Members, bestowing a Bailey plush to our son.

That’s what Magical Moments look like. When a Disney Cast Member can find a guest and do something special for them, it’s Disney magic. Creating those experiences are what brings guests back to Disney again and again. Sometimes it’s taking 5 minutes to do something to help a guest in need. By going out of their way, they too create a special experience for a guest, whether that’s looking for a lost pair of glasses, directing them to their next park destination, or helping to clean a spill. This event with our son was part Magical Moment, part Take 5, but the outcome was pure Disney magic.

By the way, my son loves the two stormtroopers that march around Animation Courtyard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios–another Magical Moment in the parks. He’s fascinated by them, and seeks them out whenever they’re in the park. He loves to march around with them, and even talks to them. Considering their limited vocabulary and his, it’s not much of a conversation. But it’s still a fun, magical experience.

Creating Magic
Our son lined up with a stormtrooper.

Then afterwards, he lines up two stormtrooper dolls in the store and takes a picture. He doesn’t want one stormtrooper for Christmas–he wants two. Just like the two stormtroopers at the Studios. Looks like we’re on the hook for two stormtroopers this holiday season.

Creating Magic
No question Magical Moments at Disney impacts their financial bottom line.

It’s interesting about these Magical Moments and Take 5’s. They have a power to create emotional experiences–experiences that make guests loyal advocates of Disney–returning to the park again and again.

Of course, your organization doesn’t have stormtroopers and Finding Dory characters. But every organization can find ways daily to do something nice for their customers. Orchestrated or on the fly, you can create your own memorable moments and Take 5’s for your customers. The good news is that when you do–you create the same magic–magic that makes your customers more loyal.

1 thought on “Creating Magic For Your Customers

  1. Thank you for recognizing the magic! Your son is a wonderful boy and creating the magic was more than a “job” for me that day.
    I look for those magical moments by observing people’s body language, their pensive looks and speak with them to discover a little bit more about their vacation. Sometimes all it takes is a warm hello., how’s your day going and do you need any help,
    Anyway, my fellow cast members have been giving me high fives and anyone that knows me understands that being magical is a part of me!
    I’m sure your family has faced many challenges and I would like to make more magic for your son this Christmas! If you don’t mind. If you respond you my email address, I will let you know what I have in mind!
    Thank you for bringing your magical son into Disney!

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