Shanghai Disney Resort

Happy Birthday, Shanghai Disneyland Resort

It is the first anniversary of the Shanghai Disney Resort. Congratulations for arriving on your first anniversary! It’s been a big year, which followed an enormous opening. Over 11 million guests have already visited that park. The Chinese are coming to realize that this is a fantastic experience, and worthy of their time and attention. In that light, the resort is close to breaking even.

You know how it is with anniversary gifts. On your 15th year, it’s something Crystal. On your 25th, it’s Silver. Gold is 50 and Diamond is for your 60th. But your first year is paper. So, in honor of the 1st anniversary of Shanghai Disney Resort, we offer something in paper–or at least electronically! This E-Book is an exhaustive look at the Shanghai Disney Resort, and of Bob Iger’s promise that the resort would be “Authentically Disney, Distinctly Chinese”. We have an amazing report, over 40 pages, filled with photos and ideas–many of which haven’t been shared before.

Shanghai Disney Resort
Cover to the E-Book.

You will definitely want to check this out, and it can be yours easily if you subscribe to Disney at Work. Just visit the right hand column and join today!

And Happy Birthday to the Shanghai Disney Resort!

Shanghai Disney Resort
One page highlighting Adventure Isle in the E-Book.


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