Disney at Work Podcast #9: Our Review of Pandora

David Zanolla and I are now providing our review of Pandora: The World of Avatar on our Disney at Work podcast. It’s Episode 9 which can be heard when you visit our iTunes site. The area has now been open about a month, and we offer some insights that you might not hear otherwise. In particular, we suggest a very unique comparison and compliment as we compare Pandora: The World of Avatar to New Orleans Square at Disneyland, along with its signature attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Pandora World of Avatar Review
I consider New Orleans Square at Disneyland, along with Pirates, to be the most immersive space ever. Thus the comparisons to Pandora. Photo by J. Jeff Kober.

We mention a number of things in our review of Pandora in our podcast. Most of those can be found in our E-Guide, so definitely subscribe to receive it. But we want to provide some additional new details to you here:

Here is the Guide to the Flora & Fauna of the Valley of Mo’ara. Our apologies that it got cut off by our scanner given the size. But it gives you a sense of how detailed they are about treating this as if it were a national park.

Our Review of Pandora

Our Review of Pandora

Our Review of Pandora

There are so many details to this new land. Here is the helicopter we mention in the podcast. You’ll recall if you saw the movie Avatar that it was a primary vehicle in the film.

Our Review of Pandora
Time is slowly burying the helicopter in the bushes. Photo by J. Jeff Kober.

There are smaller details that are much harder to detect. In our review of Pandora we mention these small crabs. Here is a picture of the crabs:

Our Review of Pandora
Photo by J. Jeff Kober.

In our review of Pandora we mention adding an additional experience to this new land. How would you like to have this attraction from Shanghai Disneyland added to Pandora: The World of Avatar?

Our Review of Pandora
Challenge Trails at Camp Discovery. Photo by J. Jeff Kober.

It probably won’t happen at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, since people are already paying a premium price for a much lesser experience when they do Wild Africa Trek. But it would be cool as a third experience. And there’s room for it at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Souvenirs for Your Organization:

You have to listen to the our review of Pandora to get the total sense of how we feel about this amazing new experience at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Still, here are some important ideas that you can bring back to your work space:

  1. Upgrade your per cap opportunities.
  2. Let “everything speak” to the message you are sending. And elevate that message to those products and services you are providing.
  3. Be courageous about outsourcing your intellectual property into your organization.
  4. Don’t be afraid to try something you haven’t done before.

Just a reminder, that the best guide to visiting Pandora can be yours when you subscribe to Club Disney at Work. This can be done by subscribing on the Disney at Work homepage. Join us today!
Our Review of Pandora

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