Podcast #13: The Culture of Walt Disney World Part 2

Podcast #13: The Culture of Walt Disney World Part 2

Thanks for joining us for the thirteenth episode of the Disney at Work Podcast! Today, we have part 2 of our chat with Mark David Jones, Jeff’s former colleague at The Disney Institute and current business partner. In this episode, you’ll hear stories about the culture of Walt Disney World, how it’s changed over the years, and how Mark’s journey at Disney evolved.  You can find the link for the episode on iTunes, SoundCloud, or TuneIn.

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Some of the things we chatted about on today’s episode include:

  • Being “friends” with the characters and the physicality of those roles
  • The time Mark had to trash 10,000 Michael Jackson posters…
  • How Mark made the transition from the “Zoo Crew” to working at The Disney Institute

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