Walt Disney World 45th Anniversary

Walt Disney World 45th Anniversary: Why It Matters

Today was the45th anniversary of Walt Disney World. Here’s what I observed on this “special” day: Transportation had buses ready to bring extra guests to the park from the TTC. But express monorails–a signature part of Walt Disney World’s opening–were not up and running until well after opening. Guests entering the park were handed free … Read moreWalt Disney World 45th Anniversary: Why It Matters

Making Shanghai Disney Less Overwhelming

Making Shanghai Disney Less Overwhelming

Last week, I showcased 5 things that made Shanghai Disney an amazing park. With that list, I identified ways those visiting can really enjoy the park. For Disney fans, it is an experience worth having on your bucket list.┬áThat said, the park is huge. It is difficult to traverse. It is very hot and humid. … Read moreMaking Shanghai Disney Less Overwhelming

Before Disney Springs

This weekend a major section of Disney Springs opens when their Town Center is unveiled to the public. Up until now, much of the remodeling of what was once Downtown Disney has been largely focused on what was formerly Pleasure Island, now known as The Landing. This major addition of the Town Center at Disney … Read moreBefore Disney Springs

Is Shanghai Disney Ready For Opening?

Is Shanghai Disney ready for opening? That’s a good question. There are many bloggers who have shared rumors that it’s not going to be ready for opening. I myself have heard insiders at Disney say that they are behind with having to redo certain elements. The answer as to whether the park is ready is … Read moreIs Shanghai Disney Ready For Opening?

Innovating Relentlessly: Epcot’s Opportunity

In a recent interview by Eyes and Ears–Disney’s internal newsletter–Bob Chapek identified four key strategies: Reinforcing the Disney Brand Connecting Guests to Key Franchises Extending the Reach of the Disney Brand Innovating Relentlessly With respect to the latter, he noted “…in order for us to stay ahead, we must innovate relentlessly and with the clear … Read moreInnovating Relentlessly: Epcot’s Opportunity

“Eggxactly” What Epcot Needs

In a previous post, I wrote a fairly blunt article about the fact that the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival was anything but “#Epcot Fresh” as the Twitter feed would like you to believe. I didn’t do that to be mean-spirited, but to simply say, that there really is a need to take this annual … Read more“Eggxactly” What Epcot Needs

Not So Fresh Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

It was a perfect day. I wanted to enjoy a date with my wife while capturing what was new at this year’s Flower and Garden Festival. The tag line for this year’s festival is Fresh Epcot. So, let’s look for fresh! The entrance was marked with Huey, Dewey and Louie. I think they are new. … Read moreNot So Fresh Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

Disney Parks Compete in Asia

Albert Cheng, columnist for the Hong Kong Economic Journal, asked some interesting questions about Disneyland Hong Kong in a recent article. In his column he notes the following: Last year, Hong Kong had 50 million visitors–a number to be envied by most any city in the world. Visitor spending in Hong Kong was up last … Read moreDisney Parks Compete in Asia

What is Disneyland Hong Kong’s Problem?

This week, several articles discuss the fact that Hong Kong Disneyland is in the red financially. This comes in the shadow of Shanghai Disneyland opening in June. What is the problem? A comparison to the original Disneyland might give some clue. In 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland opened. Last year it celebrated its 10th anniversary. In … Read moreWhat is Disneyland Hong Kong’s Problem?