Shanghai Disney Retail

Shanghai Disney Retail Magic: Part I

Most who have visited Shanghai Disneyland have referenced the wealth of thematic detail played out throughout the park. Every Disney park has so many details within, many of which are found in the attractions and in the general park ambience. But much of it can be found in the retail areas, and that’s especially true here … Read moreShanghai Disney Retail Magic: Part I

Disney Springs

Disney Springs From a Grove

In anticipation of the new Disney Springs opening, in May I wrote in a previous post about how Disney Springs had evolved originally from the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Center to adding Downtown Disney and Disney’s West Side. We talked about the retail and competitive entertainment influences surrounding those neighborhoods of what ultimately combined to become Downtown … Read moreDisney Springs From a Grove

Is Shanghai Disney Ready For Opening?

Is Shanghai Disney ready for opening? That’s a good question. There are many bloggers who have shared rumors that it’s not going to be ready for opening. I myself have heard insiders at Disney say that they are behind with having to redo certain elements. The answer as to whether the park is ready is … Read moreIs Shanghai Disney Ready For Opening?

New Shanghai Disneyland Aerial Footage

With less than 75 days until opening, here is new Shanghai Disneyland aerial footage. The color might suggest that it was a bad day for smog, or that they have a bad color filter on their camera. Also, it’s strange that the footage only shows Fantasyland and the plaza/entrance of the park, with little footage of … Read moreNew Shanghai Disneyland Aerial Footage

Monsters Inc Disney’s Hollywood Studios

With much of the backlot being demolished, I thought it well to pay tribute to a very cute set of props that made up the Open House queue at the Monsters Inc meet and greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. A few may remember that prior to being used for this meet ‘n’ greet, the location was … Read moreMonsters Inc Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Rolling Out the Carpet on The Disney Magic

The Disney Magic was the first vessel in Disney Cruise Line’s fleet. They knew they had to make an impression. And one of those impressions was in the carpet. Most cruise ships of this size usually have 10 to 12 different carpet styles or patterns; However, the Disney Magic has well over 100 different custom … Read moreRolling Out the Carpet on The Disney Magic

Service With a Flair

We shared earlier an experience where Walt Disney himself demonstrated to Dick Nunis what a great trip on the Jungle Cruise was supposed to look like. That trip required slowing down in places where there was something to see, and speeding up in places where there was little to look at. One of those places involves … Read moreService With a Flair

Happy 15th Disney California Adventure!

Happy 15th Anniversary, Disney California Adventure! It’s been a rough 15 years, but hey–they don’t call it an adventure for nothing! Here’s my photo essay on what I love most about Disney California Adventure. If you haven’t been to Disney California Adventure, it is a must. It is a park completely unique to itself, and … Read moreHappy 15th Disney California Adventure!