Tower of Terror, Water, and Temperance

The Tower of Terror at Tokyo Disney Sea is an incredible structure, dripping with details, and worthy of study in its own right. Unlike other Disney tower drops worldwide, this one has nothing to do with the Twilight Zone television series. Rather, it is something of a moralist fable in which the wealthy collector, Harrison … Read more

Attention to Disney Mosaic Tiles

Anyone who has been aboard the Disney Cruise Line knows the attention to a myriad of details is what makes that experience so incredible. The furnishings are exquisite, from lighting to railings to flooring. Our focus today is on just one small part of the total experience–mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiling is an often used in … Read more

Update & An Invitation To Where It All Began: The Walt Disney Birthplace

My apologies for not having written in several weeks. I just returned from a very hectic three country tour in Asia. In addition to doing work in Singapore with clients there (and visiting Universal Studios and Sentosa Island), I had the opportunity to visit Disneyland Hong Kong for the first time and to return again … Read more

Canaries and Birch Balls

As you exit to one side of Big Thunder Mountain at the Magic Kingdom, you’ll notice a little canary in a cage. In earlier days of coal mining, there was a concern about ventilation. Methane and carbon monoxide gases were a poison that could take the life of a miner before anyone realized the gases … Read more

Creative Costuming at Walt Disney World

On the Disney’s Hollywood Studios Backstage Tour, you pass through the Creative Costuming Workroom. Most are fascinated by the costumes themselves, so they rarely listen to the details of what makes that happen. Here are just some of them: There are over 2,500 costume designs that make up the near 2 million piece wardrobe. At any … Read more

The Seas with Nemo & Friends: The Safety Net

My past few posts have focused on Safety, emphasizing important behaviors, and the role of leaders. Today we’re going to look at another facet of safety by examining The Seas with Nemo & Friends. This is no thrill ride like Test Track. It’s simply an omnimover vehicle or “clamobile” on a quest to find Nemo. Still, there’s a … Read more

Walking (or Swimming) Through the Details of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

There are many interesting details you will find as you enjoy Disney’s new Art of Animation Resort. But some of those details are quite literal. As you walk from building to building in the Finding Nemo section, you find a number of signs that showcase the details behind the creation of this new resort. None … Read more

Every Costume a Story

It’s Everything Speaks Saturday. When Walt Disney World opened in 1971, my father brought home from his office a copy of the Time Magazine article that chronicled the opening of the park. One of the great photos was of Disney Cast Members in various costumes aboard the horse-drawn trolley. Of those costumes you can see, … Read more