Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, and Disney’s 3:00 Parade

by J. Jeff Kober Events yesterday at the Boston Marathon, along with events only a few months ago in Newtown, Connecticut have caused all of us to stop and consider the good and bad of the world we live in. There has been much comment and even debate in the social media networks. But sometimes, … Read more

No Waiting at Disney with iWatch

By J. Jeff Kober What if a billion fixed your customer’s biggest complaint? And it also made you money, reduced labor, and created greater guest satisfaction? Call it Next Gen, My DisneyExperience or MagicPlus. Disney’s been working on a high-tech project that’s about to be released in a major way over the weeks, months and … Read more

Be Our Guest. Be A Guest. Customer Service Implications

One of Disney’s most beloved films, Beauty and the Beasts, speaks to the topic of hosting others. Indeed, its signature song, “Be Our Guest,” is not only an anthem for great guest service at Walt Disney World, it’s now become a hugely popular restaurant. Guests are making reservations months ahead for formal dinner reservations, and … Read more

BOA Alert: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Animal Guide!

I have an expression called BOA. It stands for Blinding Flash of the Obvious! It’s that moment when you go, “Duh…why didn’t they think of this before?” We have a BOA alert today for Disney’s new Animal Kingdom Guide. Similar to the Times guide guests receive throughout the park, this uniquely new guide notes all … Read more

Starbucks at Disney: The Siren Call for Balance

Let me say at the outset I don’t drink coffee. Or tea. Never have. Never been interested. I have visited Starbuck locations on many an occasion–usually going through airports, where I purchased a non-caffeinated beverage or some sandwich or pastry. I have no problem with Starbucks. Neither do I have an affection toward it like … Read more

Making Safety Fun

In the last week I’ve examined in depth Disney’s focus on safety in the parks. It is their number one priority, and recently they’ve emphasized key behaviors expected of all their Cast Members. We’ve spoken about the role leaders must set in making safety a priority; we’ve looked at the safety nets Disney creates to … Read more

What You Thought Was Safe Yesterday at Disney, Isn’t So Much Today

If you are as old as I am you may remember those station wagons where we freely laid down in the back section without any safety belt. We also owned a wagon where the back seat faced the cars coming from behind you. Even then it seemed nerve-wracking when a car was braking only feet … Read more

Visas for Whom?

President Obama is slated to speak in front of Cinderella Castle on Thursday. For security purposes, they will empty Main Street, U.S.A. to invited guests only. The purpose of this visit is to announce “a strategy that will significantly help boost tourism and travel.” All of this with the intent to create job growth as … Read more