What the Haunted Mansion, Men in Black and Tower of Terror Have In Common

A great source for insights in the theme park world comes from The Season Pass podcast. ¬†One example of that is the recent episode 219- Creating Men in Black: Alien Attack Part 2. Men in Black is one of Universal Florida’s signature attractions. The interview involves attraction creators Craig Hanna, Dave Cobb, and Andy Garfield. … Read more

Canaries and Birch Balls

As you exit to one side of Big Thunder Mountain at the Magic Kingdom, you’ll notice a little canary in a cage. In earlier days of coal mining, there was a concern about ventilation. Methane and carbon monoxide gases were a poison that could take the life of a miner before anyone realized the gases … Read more

A Swiss Family Treehouse: Branches of Trust

From the Swiss Family Treehouse comes three branches or stories of trust: The first one comes from the movie itself. One of the great messages in Disney’s classic film, Swiss Family Robinson, centers around trust. This was often the difference between the father (John Mills) and the mother (Dorothy McGuire). Trusting to go to New … Read more

The Grace of Iger on Eisner

Last week’s Business Week interview of Bob Iger on Disney California Adventure once again showed how a CEO takes the higher road when it comes to dealing with his former predecessor. While being questioned as to why Disney California Adventure needed so much reinvestment, it could have been very simple to have slammed Michael Eisner’s … Read more

Safety Begins With Me

We want to continue our discussion about the importance of safety at Disney. Safety is priority number one. It may not be exactly the priority in your business. For instance, you may operate an insurance company. There the first priority might be Trustworthiness. But the concepts in these next few posts can be applied to … Read more

The American Adventure: The Power of Influence

Our opportunity to celebrate the Fourth of July this week gives us a chance to also celebrate profound lessons learned from those who have helped shape the American Dream. A couple of years ago, The Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom was retitled to “The Hall of Presidents: A Celebration of Liberty’s Leaders”. But … Read more