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Podcast #11: The Culture of Walt Disney World

Thanks for joining us for the eleventh episode of the Disney at Work Podcast! Today, we chat with Mark David Jones, Jeff’s former colleague at The Disney Institute and current business partner. In this episode, you’ll hear stories about the culture of Walt Disney World and how it’s changed over the years. You can find the link … Read more

Disney Competition

Blizzard Beach: Cold War Competition

This is Part III of our coverage of the Disney Water Park Wars.  In the last two months, we were on hand with a Facebook Live Event at Miss Adventure Falls. You can see our first post here. We also did a Facebook Live Event at Crush ‘n’ Gusher. You can see a replay of that here. … Read more

Review: Walt Disney World Hidden History by Kevin Yee

Disney is into the details, and Kevin Yee has covered the coolest of all those details. It’s the second edition of Walt Disney World: Hidden History by Kevin Yee, and it’s a valuable addition to any Disney fan’s library. As someone who has spent scores of years studying all things Disney, I was shocked at how … Read more

Safety Begins With Me

We want to continue our discussion about the importance of safety at Disney. Safety is priority number one. It may not be exactly the priority in your business. For instance, you may operate an insurance company. There the first priority might be Trustworthiness. But the concepts in these next few posts can be applied to … Read more