Disney Springs

Disney Springs From a Grove

In anticipation of the new Disney Springs opening, in May I wrote in a previous post about how Disney Springs had evolved originally from the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Center to adding Downtown Disney, and Disney’s West Side. We talked about the retail and competitive entertainment influences surrounding those neighborhoods of what ultimately combined to become Downtown … Read more

Making Shanghai Disney Less Overwhelming

Making Shanghai Disney Less Overwhelming

Last week I showcased 5 things that made Shanghai Disney an amazing park. With that list I identified ways those visiting can really enjoy the park. For Disney fans, it is an experience worth having on your bucket list. That said, the park is huge. It is difficult to traverse. It is very hot and humid. … Read more

Pleasure Island was an entertainment offering unlike anything on Walt Disney World property at the time. It was its own era. Behind the sign is the old Mannequins building, now the Morimoto Asia Restaurant. Photo by J. Jeff Kober.

Before Disney Springs

This weekend a major section of Disney Springs opens when their Town Center is unveiled to the public. Up until now, much of the remodeling of what was once Downtown Disney has been largely focused on what was formerly Pleasure Island, now known as The Landing. This major addition of the Town Center at Disney … Read more

A tribute to Jane Goodall's work near the Gorilla exhibit at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Photo by J. Jeff Kober.

Building Advocates

I mentioned in a previous post how Jane Goodall’s work in Africa with primates was showcased in a 1963 edition of National Geographic along with Walt Disney. That combination would come again in the early day’s of Disney’s Animal Kingdom development. One of the things that Disney learned in the wake of its failed attempt … Read more

The library of National Geographics at Walt Disney Productions. Another image would show Imagineer Herb Ryman using National Geographics to create drawings for New Orleans Square.

Walt Disney With Jane Goodall

Well, kind of. I’ll explain in a minute. This weekend in commemoration of Earth Day, Disney’s Animal Kingdom hosted Dr. Jane Goodall in celebrating the launch of the Disney Conservation Fund’s “Reverse the Decline, Increase the Time” initiative. Disney is working with the Jane Goodall Institute to help protect great apes in the wild and … Read more

The Problem at Disney

The Problem at Disney

What is the problem at Disney? Internal sources at Disney say that nearly every inch of concrete at Shanghai Disneyland has been torn up three times to get things right, causing an increase in costs and a delay in schedule. Still, I look at new photos daily of Shanghai Disneyland. I studied the exhibit carefully … Read more

The Plaza Hotel on the Streets of America backlot. Photo by J. Jeff Kober

Streets of America

This weekend fencing was put around the Streets of America Backlot at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s the end of an era for this significant piece of the park, that was built for opening day in 1989. Indeed, the backlot tram used to literally go down these streets until it was deemed that more pedestrian area … Read more