The Plaza Hotel on the Streets of America backlot. Photo by J. Jeff Kober

Streets of America

This weekend fencing was put around the Streets of America Backlot at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s the end of an era for this significant piece of the park, that was built for opening day in 1989. Indeed, the backlot tram used to literally go down these streets until it was deemed that more pedestrian area … Read more

Photo by J. Jeff Kober

Monsters Inc Disney’s Hollywood Studios

With much of the backlot being demolished, I thought it well to pay tribute to a very cute set of props that made up the Open House queue at the Monsters Inc Disney’s Hollywood Studios. A few may remember that prior to being used for this meet ‘n’ greet, the location¬†was allocated for the Goosebumps … Read more


Innovating Relentlessly: Epcot’s Opportunity

In a recent interview by Eyes and Ears–Disney’s internal newsletter–Bob Chapek identified four key strategies: Reinforcing the Disney Brand Connecting Guests to Key Franchises Extending the Reach of the Disney Brand Innovating Relentlessly. With respect to the latter, he noted “…in order for us to stay ahead, we must innovate relentlessly and with the clear … Read more

This honorary window at Disneyland celebrates Jack's contribution to the park. Note that he was a "Jack of all trades, Master of fun." Photo by J. Jeff Kober.

Saluting Sheriff Jack Lindquist

The passing of Jack Lindquist this week brings to my mind one of my favorite stories about this man who is heralded for his involvement in Disneyland–even being its first president. But this tale comes from the opening days of Walt Disney World, where all hands were needed–including Jack’s. In olden days, frontier towns like … Read more

Who at City Hall at Hong Kong Disneyland is really determining the park's future? Photo by J. Jeff Kober.

Disney Parks Compete in Asia

Albert Cheng, columnist for the Hong Kong Economic Journal asked some interesting questions about Disneyland Hong Kong in a recent article. In his column he notes the following: Hong Kong last year had 50 million visitors–a number to be envied by most any city in the world. Visitor spending in Hong Kong was up last … Read more