Harvard Business Review of Bob Iger

You absolutely must read Harvard Business Review’s interview of Bob Iger by Adi Ignatius. At least, you ought to listen to the audio interview. Bob talks about the challenges in becoming CEO. He talks about his predecessor and his responsibility as second in command to be loyal to the one in charge. He also expresses respect to … Read more

Time for Pirates–Time for Service

In the first few months of operation, The Pirates League has quickly became the place for would-be pirates to swear an oath to good-fun buccaneering. Here you choose a name, choose accessories, and choose the right kind of pirate look. But how long does this transformation take? As long as the sands pass through an … Read more

The Littlest Things at Sea World

It’s such a little thing at Sea World. You’ve seen benches that are reserved for parties with wheelchairs. This one is reserved for Guests with strollers. It’s located in Shamu Stadium and is a blessing for parents who are trying to keep their littlest asleep while taking advantage of seeing the show. Did I mention … Read more