What the Haunted Mansion, Men in Black and Tower of Terror Have In Common

A great source for insights in the theme park world comes from The Season Pass podcast.  One example of that is the recent episode 219-Creating Men in Black: Alien Attack Part 2. Men in Black is one of Universal Florida’s signature attractions. The interview involves attraction creators Craig Hanna, Dave Cobb and Andy Garfield. In … Read more

Revisiting The Walt Disney World Scorecard

Earlier this week Kevin Yee wrote an extensive piece about the challenges facing Walt Disney World. Most responses agree wtth what Kevin has written. I think Kevin is articulate and a better writer than I will ever be. I also wish I could come up with some of the clever statements he does like the … Read more

2012: Disney Parks Biggest Year

Walt said the “Disneyland will never be complete as long as there was imagination left in the world.” Since the mighty Matterhorn addition in 1959, Disney parks have been adding in a major way. Take a look at those biggest additions made over the years. Then take a look at 2012. It may well be … Read more

Creative Costuming at Walt Disney World

On the Disney Hollywood Studios Backstage Tour you past through the Creative Costuming Workroom. Most are fascinated by the costumes themselves, so they rarely listen of the details of what makes that happen. Here are just some of them: There are over 2,500 costume designs that make up the near 2 million piece wardrobe. At … Read more

Tale of Two Movie Bosses: Louis B. Mayer & Walt Disney

For many years Disney’s Hollywood Studios was titled Disney-MGM Studios. In the late 80’s Michael Eisner thought that the Disney name would not be enough to carry the interest of tourists who would visit a real, working studio. He wanted to link it up with a bigger name. In the 1930’s and 1940’s, the time … Read more

Flash Mob at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Where else would you expect a true Hollywood-Style flash mob but on Hollywood Boulevard! That’s what these guests were a part of prior to today’s Pixar Countdown to Fun Parade. Here’s what it looks like: Flash Mob at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Missed the fun today? No problem, because it will happen tomorrow and the next … Read more

Harry Potter–Twice the Price?

More confirmations are coming around Harry Potter bringing a presence in the Universal Studios park at Universal Florida. Speaking to an employee within the organization, this is what I’ve learned over the weekend: Railroad engineers have been on property extensively designing a train track that would run backstage. You would be looking out of the … Read more