Tower of Terror, Water, and Temperance

The Tower of Terror at Tokyo Disney Sea is an incredible structure, dripping with details, and worthy of study in its own right. Unlike other Disney tower drops worldwide, this one has nothing to do with the Twilight Zone television series. Rather, it is something of a moralist fable in which the wealthy collector, Harrison … Read moreTower of Terror, Water, and Temperance

Every Costume a Story

It’s Everything Speaks Saturday. When Walt Disney World opened in 1971, my father brought home from his office a copy of the Time Magazine article that chronicled the opening of the park. One of the great photos was of Disney Cast Members in various costumes aboard the horse-drawn trolley. Of those costumes you can see, … Read moreEvery Costume a Story

Aulani & Lunar Time Management

I just came back from a wonderful week of being in Hawaii for my son’s graduation. ┬áThis was my first trip to Hawaii and it was wonderful in every way. While there, I took some time to stay at Disney’s newest resort, Aulani. “Spectacular” is a word I use only sparingly, and it belongs fittingly … Read moreAulani & Lunar Time Management