Directing Good Guest Behavior

In the center of every Disney cruise ship is a statue of a nautically themed Disney character. When the first ship was built, the Disney Magic called upon Mickey Mouse to be garbed as a 19th century mariner. Hundreds of photos are taken each cruise with guests posed next to Mickey. It’s an iconic moment. Mickey … Read moreDirecting Good Guest Behavior

Trash Cans as Art

The last couple of posts have dealt with issues of how Disney creates a setting that is clear and enjoyed by guests. I thought we might do a follow up article on Disney trash receptacles. Early on, I had heard that Disney has determined that they set trash receptacles no further than 20 paces from each … Read moreTrash Cans as Art

Cleanliness Begets Cleanliness

A recent poll by Shanghai Daily showed that over 1 in 4 readers were concerned about the potential misbehavior of other guests when in the park. Their concern is that it might not end up being the “happiest place on earth” after all. One person noted…”it will be the same old story, Chinese people have no manners … Read moreCleanliness Begets Cleanliness

Model Guest Service Excellence

When I was at the Disney Institute, we had a special visit made by Dick Nunis. Our leader, Valerie Oberle, had worked closely with Dick over the years, and she invited Dick to come and share his insights on providing great customer service. I heard him share the following story, one I have heard many … Read moreModel Guest Service Excellence

Know Their Name

Know Their Name

By your host, J. Jeff Kober There’s something powerful about learning the names of your customers, and more importantly, getting to know them. This came to my attention when one day when we had George Miliotes talk to one of our business groups about best practices in world-class companies. George, along with chef Cliff Pleau, co-founded Disney’s California … Read moreKnow Their Name

Stop Instructional Graffiti

Stop Instructional Graffiti

By your host, J. Jeff Kober At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we’ll look at the guest service idea of how too many rules can ruin the Guest experience. Let’s visit the Harambe Railway Station to see an example of something we find in many customer service arenas. Disney’s Imagineers wanted to create a more authentic experience when … Read moreStop Instructional Graffiti

Stay Open After You Close

Disney Guest Service Idea: Stay Open After You Close

Let’s look at how great organizations stay open after you close. In our previous blog, we spoke about the idea that organizations should open a few minutes before the stated opening time, so that people aren’t waiting for the doors to open. Today we head to the other end of the work day–when the doors … Read moreDisney Guest Service Idea: Stay Open After You Close

Open Earlier Than What Is Stated

Today we look at the idea of organizations that open earlier than what is stated. It’s a simple thing: Open earlier than what is stated in your promotional material. If Walt Disney World states that the opening time for the Magic Kingdom is 9:00 am, then you can be sure that the turnstiles are open … Read moreOpen Earlier Than What Is Stated

Provide Guest Service—Not Customer Service

  One of the fundamental things Disneyland introduced early on was that customers be referred to as Guests, and not as customers. This tradition has carried to the present day. Even in internal writings, the word Guest is not only used in place of the customer, but it is capitalized. Why call the customer a Guest? Think … Read moreProvide Guest Service—Not Customer Service