Service With a Flair

We shared earlier an experience where Walt Disney himself demonstrated to Dick Nunis what a great trip on the Jungle Cruise was supposed to look like. That trip required slowing down in places where there was something to see, and speeding up in places where there was little to look at. One of those places involves … Read moreService With a Flair

Queen or Snow White? Pitching In To Help

Some of my favorite attractions at Disney parks are the dark rides. And perhaps one of the most memorable has been Snow White’s Scary Adventures. I remember riding this attraction at Disneyland as a child, and being very intimidated by the experience aboard the mine car. I was disappointed that the attraction was removed at Magic … Read moreQueen or Snow White? Pitching In To Help

Consistent Quality Documentation

You’ll recall that in the film Tangled, Rapunzel asks for new paints for her birthday. She’s constantly painting, as a means of occupying her time. But she’s also expressing something very deep within her sub-conscious, something that tells her who she really is. After the film premiered, designers thought that it would be great to … Read moreConsistent Quality Documentation

New Touches To The Magic Kingdom

As always, there’s something going on at the most popular theme park in the world. Let’s take a look at some of the more new touches to the Magic Kingdom. The first of the new show support towers was slightly unveiled. It’s not complete, but you get a sense of what is being added to the … Read moreNew Touches To The Magic Kingdom

Making Backstage Guest Worthy

It stuns me that even though there are no major attractions planned for the Magic Kingdom at this time, there is still so much construction activity going on in the parks. No one can say that Disney doesn’t work very hard to keep things up to snuff. Here’s just one amazing addition. Do you know … Read moreMaking Backstage Guest Worthy

Provide Customer Options

Imagine you’re shopping at Bonjour Village Gifts at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Your eyes set upon some very expensive, but very delicate merchandise. You want to make the purchase. But is it worth hauling around? What if you end up breaking it while you’re carrying it from attraction to attraction? You could … Read moreProvide Customer Options

Signs of Great Service

On one occasion I came across this sign when visiting a very popular dining spot. It was written on receipt tape, and pegged to the regular sign created for the restaurant. Its message was intended to re-direct customers upstairs past the store and to the dining portion of the restaurant. I will grant you that … Read moreSigns of Great Service

Know Their Name

Know Their Name

By your host, J. Jeff Kober There’s something powerful about learning the names of your customers, and more importantly, getting to know them. This came to my attention when one day when we had George Miliotes talk to one of our business groups about best practices in world-class companies. George, along with chef Cliff Pleau, co-founded Disney’s California … Read moreKnow Their Name