Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney at Work Podcast #5: Celebrating Pirates of the Caribbean Around the World

Pirates of the Caribbean opened this week fifty years ago.  We are celebrating this amazing attraction by visiting its counterparts around the world, and looking at the lessons learned from each. Join us on this podcast as we celebrate Pirates of the Caribbean around the world.  You can find the link on iTunes, SoundCloud, or TuneIn. Disneyland … Read more

Tony Baxter & Being Mentored

I listen to a lot of great Disney podcasts out there while I’m working out (yes…I work out…believe it or not). But my absolute favorite is The Season Pass. There is seldom a program–particularly on Disney–where I don’t walk away with something new. This week’s podcast features newly named Disney Legend Tony Baxter. It is … Read more

Time for Pirates–Time for Service

In the first few months of operation, The Pirates League has quickly became the place for would-be pirates to swear an oath to good-fun buccaneering. Here you choose a name, choose accessories, and choose the right kind of pirate look. But how long does this transformation take? As long as the sands pass through an … Read more