Is MyMagic+ Bob Iger’s Folly at Disney?

All of the talk about MyMagic+ and Bob Iger’s efforts to re-invigorate the parks with new technology came to my mind the other day when I recently came across a June 30th, 1983 internal Disney news publication. It was for Cast Members and was entitled, “Experimenting with Computer Graphics.” It featured a photo of John … Read moreIs MyMagic+ Bob Iger’s Folly at Disney?

Morale–Mission Impossible?

Tom Cruise’s new movie, Mission Impossible is out this weekend. It’s Brad Bird’s first live action movie, having created before both of Pixar’s highly acclaimed films, Incredibles, and Ratatouille. One of my favorite quotes on employee morale comes from Brad: “In my experience, the thing that has the most significant impact on a movie’s budget–but … Read moreMorale–Mission Impossible?

The Scariest Sign of Your Corporate Culture

Take a close look next time you’re at Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor in the Magic Kingdom. Does your bulletin board at work mirror the kind you would find at Monster’s Inc.? You can tell a lot about a corporate culture just by looking at the bulletin board. A bulletin board sends a message about what … Read moreThe Scariest Sign of Your Corporate Culture