Safety at Disney: Is There a Problem?

It’s been a long summer at the house of the Mouse. And the real culprit seems to center around safety at Disney. In what should have been a blockbuster summer of opening several shows and  attractions such as the new Soarin’ Around the World, Frozen Ever After, Friendship Faire and Rivers of Light, the advent of these … Read moreSafety at Disney: Is There a Problem?

The Engineering Awe of Avatar

Major strides are being made on the construction of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. But they aren’t without enormous effort and cost. Over the weekend, floating islands were being put in place to the exterior of the attraction. These are small pieces compared to the major segments that will largely cover the front of the building. … Read moreThe Engineering Awe of Avatar

Thoughts On A Minor New Policy At Disney

I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1972, in fifth grade, I went to Disneyland. We didn’t go in the summer following 6th grade, so I saved my money working lawn jobs and paid for my family to go on vacation to Disneyland at age 12. We stayed at the brand new Howard Johnson Hotel … Read moreThoughts On A Minor New Policy At Disney

What You Thought Was Safe Yesterday at Disney, Isn’t So Much Today

If you are as old as I am you may remember those station wagons where we freely laid down in the back section without any safety belt. We also owned a wagon where the back seat faced the cars coming from behind you. Even then it seemed nerve-wracking when a car was braking only feet … Read moreWhat You Thought Was Safe Yesterday at Disney, Isn’t So Much Today

The Seas with Nemo & Friends: The Safety Net

My past few posts have focused on Safety, emphasizing important behaviors, and the role of leaders. Today we’re going to look at another facet of safety by examining The Seas with Nemo & Friends. This is no thrill ride like Test Track. It’s simply an omnimover vehicle or “clamobile” on a quest to find Nemo. Still, there’s a … Read moreThe Seas with Nemo & Friends: The Safety Net

Safety Begins With Me

We want to continue our discussion about the importance of safety at Disney. Safety is priority number one. It may not be exactly the priority in your business. For instance, you may operate an insurance company. There the first priority might be Trustworthiness. But the concepts in these next few posts can be applied to … Read moreSafety Begins With Me

How Safe Is Disney?

Have you ever wondered: “How safe is Disney?” “What risks are there in taking a family vacation to Disneyland or Walt Disney World?” “Will Rock ‘n Roller Coaster be safe for my child even though he is just an inch or so taller than the height requirement?” “Is going down the 12-story tall Summit Plummet … Read moreHow Safe Is Disney?

Disney’s Four Keys: Improving the Guest Experience

Since the mid 1960s, Disney has had Four Keys for delivering great service: Safety Courtesy Show Efficiency They are a compass for everything Disney does–both strategically and tactically. In recent months, new changes have been made to better amplify and operationalize on these Four Keys. Read here about some of the important changes that have … Read moreDisney’s Four Keys: Improving the Guest Experience