Podcast #14: Disney Around the World

Our latest episode chronicles some of the terrific experiences I have had visiting Shanghai Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Resort, Disney Cruise Line, and Walt Disney World. David also spoke of visiting Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa. Let’s visit Disney around the world and see some photos and links we spoke of in our podcast, … Read morePodcast #14: Disney Around the World

Podcast #10: Happy 1st Anniversary, Shanghai Disneyland!

Thanks for joining us for the tenth episode of the Disney at Work Podcast! Today, we chat about the first year anniversary of Shanghai Disneyland with our special guest, Chris Nilghe, from the website TDR Explorer. You can find the link for the episode on iTunes, SoundCloud, or TuneIn. Some of the things we chatted about on … Read morePodcast #10: Happy 1st Anniversary, Shanghai Disneyland!

Celebrating 10 Years of Kober Blogging

Celebrating 10 Years of Kober Blogging

This year I celebrate my tenth anniversary of sharing my ideas, my insights, and a little hope and inspiration with my readers. I want to share not only the highlights of the last 10 years, but give you an idea of how we look forward to celebrating in the months to come! First of all, I want to … Read moreCelebrating 10 Years of Kober Blogging

Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney at Work Podcast #5: Celebrating Pirates of the Caribbean Around the World

Pirates of the Caribbean opened this week fifty years ago.  We are celebrating this amazing attraction by visiting its counterparts around the world, and looking at the lessons learned from each. Join us on this podcast as we celebrate Pirates of the Caribbean around the world.  You can find the link on iTunes, SoundCloud, or TuneIn. Disneyland … Read moreDisney at Work Podcast #5: Celebrating Pirates of the Caribbean Around the World

Shanghai Disneyland

Guide To Visiting Shanghai Disneyland

My niece Laura is visiting Shanghai Disneyland soon, so she asked me for suggestions. While this site is not so much about vacation planning, the experience is so unique, I thought it might be well to share some thoughts about how to really enjoy the experience. I make the assumption that the reader has not … Read moreGuide To Visiting Shanghai Disneyland

Is Shanghai Disney Ready For Opening?

Is Shanghai Disney ready for opening? That’s a good question. There are many bloggers who have shared rumors that it’s not going to be ready for opening. I myself have heard insiders at Disney say that they are behind with having to redo certain elements. The answer as to whether the park is ready is … Read moreIs Shanghai Disney Ready For Opening?

The Problem at Disney

The Problem at Disney

What is the problem at Disney? Internal sources at Disney say that nearly every inch of concrete at Shanghai Disneyland has been torn up three times to get things right, causing an increase in costs and a delay in schedule. Still, I look at new photos daily of Shanghai Disneyland. I studied the exhibit carefully … Read moreThe Problem at Disney

Streets of America

This weekend, fencing was put around the Streets of America Backlot at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s the end of an era for this significant piece of the park, that was built for opening day in 1989. Indeed, the backlot tram used to literally go down these streets until it was deemed that more pedestrian area … Read moreStreets of America

New Shanghai Disneyland Aerial Footage

With less than 75 days until opening, here is new Shanghai Disneyland aerial footage. The color might suggest that it was a bad day for smog, or that they have a bad color filter on their camera. Also, it’s strange that the footage only shows Fantasyland and the plaza/entrance of the park, with little footage of … Read moreNew Shanghai Disneyland Aerial Footage