Aulani’s Lobby Mural: Finding Passion in a Deadline

When you visit Aulani, you enter through an open lobby. Stepping inside, there are two forces vying for your attention. The first is the view of beautifully landscaped grounds with its volcano and the ocean beyond the lobby porch. Restraining you from moving toward this point is a striking 360 degree mural done by Martin … Read moreAulani’s Lobby Mural: Finding Passion in a Deadline

Aulani & Lunar Time Management

I just came back from a wonderful week of being in Hawaii for my son’s graduation. ┬áThis was my first trip to Hawaii and it was wonderful in every way. While there, I took some time to stay at Disney’s newest resort, Aulani. “Spectacular” is a word I use only sparingly, and it belongs fittingly … Read moreAulani & Lunar Time Management

Time for Pirates–Time for Service

In the first few months of operation, The Pirates League has quickly became the place for would-be pirates to swear an oath to good-fun buccaneering. Here you choose a name, choose accessories, and choose the right kind of pirate look. But how long does this transformation take? As long as the sands pass through an … Read moreTime for Pirates–Time for Service