D23 VIP Treatment

A D23 Imagineering Moment I have mixed feelings about D23. I somewhat understand that an event held for the fan faithful will be attended in droves. I arrived at 6:40 am and essentially began a waiting experience that continued until about 9:40 am, when we were finally escorted into the exhibit hall. That’s a three … Read moreD23 VIP Treatment

VIP Treatment at Disney

VIP Treatment at Disney

Do you want VIP treatment at Disney? Perhaps you should visit the Fantasyland courtyard at the Magic Kingdom. There sits the Sword in the Stone. From time to time you find The Royal Majesty Makers inviting guests to pull Excalibur from its rock foundation. After older adults find no success, they usually identify a young child who easily pulls … Read moreVIP Treatment at Disney

Magic That’s Going to the Dogs

A few years ago when you checked your favorite pet into one of the the Kennel Clubs at Walt Disney World, they would sometimes provide a particular guest with a certificate that read: Walt Disney World Resort Kennel Club Hosted by Friskies It is with the greatest pleasure that we proclaim _____________________ has been an … Read moreMagic That’s Going to the Dogs