Innovating Relentlessly: Epcot’s Opportunity

In a recent interview by Eyes and Ears–Disney’s internal newsletter–Bob Chapek identified four key strategies: Reinforcing the Disney Brand Connecting Guests to Key Franchises Extending the Reach of the Disney Brand Innovating Relentlessly With respect to the latter, he noted “…in order for us to stay ahead, we must innovate relentlessly and with the clear … Read moreInnovating Relentlessly: Epcot’s Opportunity

Habit Heroes: The Negative Press of a Sneak Peek

Where yesterday focused on the positive press with the new Storybook Circus, this article notes what can come of negative press when you don’t have your act in gear. Take a look here. It’s a plot that now involves Tom Staggs, the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, and Churro T-Shirts!

Storybook Circus: The Positive Press of a Sneak Peek

  The circus has come to town! Actually, much of the circus has yet to arrive, and even then it’s really heading to the Magic Kingdom, not your hometown. But the sneak peek of what is yet to come has created huge positive press, and now families are beginning to plan their upcoming vacation around … Read moreStorybook Circus: The Positive Press of a Sneak Peek

The Real Habit Heroes

Disney’s newest exhibit at Epcot’s Innoventions has a great deal of controversy surrounding it. At the heart of it are Bad Habit characters like Snacker and Lead Bottom who have become stereotypes of people struggling with obesity. In truth, who are the Real Habit Heroes, and how should Disney have really focused this attraction? Take … Read moreThe Real Habit Heroes

Disney at Work: Magic Kingdom–Our Newest Revised App!

Named one of the top 5 best Disney Apps by! We’re pleased to present a newly re-imagineered Disney at Work: Magic Kingdom. Not a travel app, and no ordinary trivia app, this creation for your iPhone and iPad showcases scores of stories, hundreds of photos, and hundreds of ideas that you can take back … Read moreDisney at Work: Magic Kingdom–Our Newest Revised App!

3 Lessons Disney Learned From Marriott

After spending 60 years with his family’s company–40 of those as CEO, Bill Marriott has announced that he is stepping down at 80. The Marriott company is legendary in the hotel business. But few people know the relationship between the two and it’s influence on Disney. Click here to read how Marriott was not only … Read more3 Lessons Disney Learned From Marriott